What You Should Know Stimulating and Sedative Effects of Kratom

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Kratom leaves bring about stimulating and sedative effects to the body. It readily depends on the level of dosage. Intake of low dosage would be stimulating while high dosage gives the body a sedative-euphoric-analgesic effect.

You should learn of what the stimulant and sedative levels feel like after taking Kratom. These feelings and the side effects have been described in the remaining parts of this article.

For a starter, you must know that Kratom is a tree popular with people in Southeast Asia. The leaves of the tree are used herbal remedies. They can be chewed or taken as tea to serve as medication to the body. In Western countries, Kratom is commercially sold as an alternative medication for emotional and physical issues.

The feelings experienced after Kratom has been taken is either stimulating or sedating. Here are more details on these.

The stimulating effect of Kratom – The feeling you get when low dosage of kratom leaves or powder is stimulating. You will have your physical energy boosted, sexual energy increased, and your mind becomes more alert. More so, you become more sociable, friendly, and talkative. You also have the ability to do more hard monotonous hard work. The side effect of this level is that the feeling could become edgy rather than pleasant.

The Sedating Effect of Kratom – The feeling you get when high dosage of Kratom is taken is sedating. Yes, you get this sedative-euphoric-analgesic feeling that will make you less sensitive to pain. You will experience a general feeling of comfort and you will feel and look calm. High dosage of Kratom is often provided to relieve pain because of its anesthetic effect. The feeling of “after-glow” is often achieved with the intake of high dose of this wonder herbal drug. The feeling gotten by taking opium or related narcotic is reflected after taking this. The side effect of this level includes nausea and constricted pupil.

Conclusively, the stimulating and sedating effects of Kratom usage are often relished by many who use this substance for recreation. However, care must be taken to ensure that responsible dosage is taken at the right time. The abuse of this substance could be dangerous to the body. Many health issues have been reported by users who abuse the intake of Kratom.

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Bleeding Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy – Tips To Deal With This Condition

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ID-100283557Bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy is not uncommon. A lot women suffer from this problem and this usually come from the pressures put in the rectal or anal region. Hemorrhoids means that the veins of the rectum or anus have become swollen and the results to quite a number of discomforts like itching, pain, burns and bleeding.

Pregnant women are prone to having hemorrhoids because of the fetal pressure on the perineum and rectum, constipation, sitting or standing in one place for along time etc. Straining of the rectal veins may result to bleeding and this could be source of concern to the woman – simple because you don’t know if the bleeding is from the anus of the vagina.

Hence, getting the attention of a doctor or a healthcare provider is very important in ensuring that you are properly diagnosed to determine the exact cause of your bleeding during pregnancy.

Dealing with Bleeding Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy

If it has been diagnosed or established that your bleeding is more or less from hemorrhoids, you need to can take some steps to deal with the condition. Some effective tips you can apply include:

  • Change your diet pattern -there are some foods you could have been eating that are now making it difficult for your digestive system to pass out stools with ease. A ready example is if you continue eating foods with low fiber contents. Fibers are very useful in ensuring that bowel movements are effective. Fruits and vegetables, whole grains and cereals are some of the foods you must include more in your diets.
  • Go to the toilet the moment you get the urge.
  • Drink plenty of water to get the body frequently hydrated. Body fluids will help your organs and tissues to function properly and occasionally you should take fruit juice.
  • Exercise the body always so that body circulation will be effective even in the anal region. Doing Kegel exercises daily can help. Other exercises that would be invaluable include: swimming, walking, yoga, etc.
  • Avoid constipation or hard stool and treat yourself quickly if you suffer from diarrhea.
  • Apply unscented, soft white toilet tissue to wipe. if this is moistened with witch hazel, it would be very effective.
  • Use ice pack on the swollen area to relax the cells.
  • Get on a warm sitz bath. Baking soda can also be used in the warm bath.

With these tips you can deal with hemorrhoids during pregnancy. If your bleeding continue even applying some of these measures then you need to urgently see your health care provider or doctor.